Very Cherry Dump Day

This weekend was another crazy weekend. Sunday night my husband turned to me and said, “Do you know where that ship handling book and Coast Guard rules of the road book are? I brought them home a couple weeks ago and I should probably brush up.”


Then he says, “Well they must be in a box or something.”

“No doubt they are in a box.”

“I’ll go look.”

“UGH…no. I will go look.” (I know what my office would look like after he went to ‘look’)

For the record- there are 21 boxes in my office, 12 in my oldest daughters room, 3 in my youngest daughters room and 3 in my room. The book could be in any of those.

An hour after I started shuffling boxes around hubby walks in and says, “Nevermind. I can just print out what I need.”

“Can you ask someone if you can borrow theirs?”

Five minutes later he walks back to let me know he found the books he was looking for…on the bed side table.

This weekend was the ProBowl (some football thing). Since Aloha Stadium is like 5 miles away (I don’t know what it is with us and Stadiums, when we lived in San Diego we lived a mile from Qualcomm and it was a huge pain on game day), and traffic was a mess, when I decided to make dessert, I had to use what I had on hand. We were going to go to the game and at the last minute decided to stay home because there’s a lot to be done around here.

I ran out of eggs, so nothing that needed those. No chocolate. Not a lot of flour, not a lot of sugar left.

DUMP CAKE! Recipe by The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drumond

The first time I had this, I was having dinner with my husband at a Captains house. His wife said, “It’s dump cake.” “What?” “You just dump it all in a pan and bake it.” “Nice!”

This is the most sugary dessert on earth. I’m sure of it, but it’s sooo good (once in a while). You’ll need some butter, margarine, a box of cake mix, canned cherries, canned pineapple.

Dump it all in a pan, bake it and VOILA! You’ve got dessert! My secret indulgence is canned cherries. They are so sweet, tart and delicious I can eat them right out of the can. The added bonus of this dessert is that it’s all made in the pan so, not a lot of mess and no mess is a good thing when you’re tired and feeling lazy. I topped it with some lightly sweetened whipped cream, hoping to offset the sweetness of the dessert…yumm.

Next time I make this I think I’m going to use applesauce instead of pineapple, to cut some of the acidity. My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. You could even eat this for breakfast…haha.

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