The kids said they do not like vegetables.

I’m sitting here in absolute amazement. This:

fettucini alfredo

is “Fettucine Alfredo” and it is out of this world. I actually licked my bowl (something I would never publicly admit to unless something is so amazing you should drop everything you are doing and make this).

Part of my amazement is from the sauce. I’d like to know who sat around and thought, “I bet if I mix some cashews with water, lemon, and garlic it will taste EXACTLY like homemade alfredo sauce.” Ridiculous. That person was obviously a wizard.

My youngest was overjoyed that we were having spaghetti last night. She had no idea that the ‘spaghetti’ noodles were zucchini. I’m not about to tell her. She sat at the table talking about how much she does not like vegetables for a good 15 minutes while she chomped away at her dinner.

My husband chuckled that there is not one ‘bad’ thing in this dish, and there really isn’t. Not only that, for all of my Whole30 readers, THIS is whole30 compliant (I left out the pine nuts because I did not have any on hand). Not only is there nothing ‘bad’, but he was also amazed at how great it tastes.

Looking for dinner tonight? Here is the recipe on Against All Grain (I used the recipe out of the book, which basically just has different vegetables and no basil. I added the Blackened Chicken that is noted in the book, since I was worried my youngest was going to turn her nose at this…she’s been picky with vegetables lately).

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