The Great Jerky Debate

Yesterday was my 300th blog post. 300! I’m pretty sure that means I am now a Spartan blogger (just call me Gorgo, Queen of Sparta). I’m not sure how I missed that yesterday, but I’m kind of amazed. 300 blog posts over 3.5 years? That’s an average of 7 blog posts per month (I had to use a calculator, I am terrible at math)! I am super duper grateful for all of my readers, without you my husband would be the only person that reads my blog.

About a month ago (probably more), I realized we were going through an insane amount of beef jerky. My husband had been bringing Primal Pacs with him to work so that he would have a quick post-gym snack.

After a couple orders of those, I set out to find a way to replicate them in our own home. I knew that I loved the dried cranberries they had in them and it took me a while to find dried cranberries without sugar (WholeFoods carries them, they are sweetened with apple juice and are My husband and I agreed we could leave the dried mango out for now. I was not crazy about it and he didn’t care either way. Other than that, macadamia nuts and almonds are a staple in our house, so those were easy to find.

Now for the jerky. It is hard to find jerky that does not have sugar added to it. I can not recall how many packages I had looked at to find sugar free jerky, but it was probably more than 10. If I found jerky that complied with Whole30, it was expensive and outside my grocery budget.

Into our lives came a dehydrator. It’s nothing fancy, but it has become an appliance that we use at least 2-3 times a week. We usually dehydrate anywhere between 1-3 pounds of beef at a time. It’s easier to get it all done at once than have to make several batches a week.

We started with a recipe from Danielle at Against All Grain. It was phenomenal. Tasted just like jerky in a bag from a store. When I bought her cookbook there was a recipe for Carne Asada jerky which both my husband and I were excited to try.


Don’t ask me which is which. I think the Carne Asada is on the right and the Smoky Beef Jerky is on the right, but I could have that backwards…

We did a taste test to decide which we liked better.

The Carne Asada jerky is good. I mean, really good. Especially if you like Carne Asada steak, this is definitely the jerky for you. It was not over powering, just right.

The Smoky Beef jerky is good too. If you like traditional jerky, this is the sugar free, yuck free, I-know-all-of-the-ingredients, MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE WHAT?!, equivalent.

During our “Jerky Debate” it was close, but the Smoky Beef Jerky won. It is the jerky that my husband likes best in his gym packs and the one I like best to munch on during the day if I am hungry.

I have also been dehydrating apples. My kids love them, I love them, and they take the place of the dried mango in the gym packs we have been throwing together. We probably dehydrate about 5 lbs of apples a week and they last for maybe 3-4 days. I need more racks for my dehydrator, then I can fit 10 lbs.

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