The Cookbook Chronicles.

Typically when I buy a cookbook I will base weeks and weeks of my menu on that book. Through the course of a month, I will have baked/cooked my way through the entire thing and then said book will find a place among the other books I have ate my way through.

This book was different. This book was a gift for Mothers’ Day, from my husband and it has sat in my cupboard wrapped in a plastic bag since that day.

I love Gwyneth Paltrow. I love her style, I love her blog and I really love her food. But here’s the problem with this book…

It’s signed. It’s signed by Gwyneth Paltrow.

I’ve debated buying a second copy so I don’t dirty this one up and then I thought…What good is a cookbook if I’m too afraid to cook anything from it?!

The answer, it’s no good. So I got over my irrational fear of getting this book dirty (because my cookbooks are flour, oil, egg, sugar covered, but I think it gives them character and shows that they are loved) and got to work figuring out an amazing menu for this week. This week (and probably next) I will be baking/cooking my way through this book. If you already have this book, feel free to follow along! I think it’s going to be an exciting blog week as well as food week around my house.

I think my favorite thing about Gwyneth’s blog (, is that she’s a mom, a mom that likes to have family dinners, cook for her family, do things with her kids. She juggles a billion things and she’s able to make time to sit down for dinner, that’s impressive. I love reading about her tips and tricks and she always posts about the most adorable children’s clothing. Granted, some things are a wee bit out of my budget, but still…it’s fun to look!

I am also big on family dinners. We sit down together, as a family, every night and eat dinner together. It’s important to me that we get that 15-30 minutes to spend together before everyone heads off to play outside or bath time, etc. It may not last very long (let’s be real, it never lasts very long, I have two little kids), but it’s a good habit after all Families that eat together, stay together.¬†On the weekends we try to eat breakfast together and this weekend, we succeeded.

First recipe up to bat – Homemade Turkey Sausage Patties. (The recipe is about 1/2 way down that page if you’re looking for it)

These were so good. Serve with some scrambled eggs a piece of toast and it’s a simple but delicious breakfast (did I mention these are incredibly fast to make?).

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