Thankful for: Rain

Living in Hawai’i has really taught me to embrace weather. I will say, growing up in New England and then moving to San Diego (which we’ll say has two seasons, it does get ‘cool’) and then moving to Hawai’i, can be a little miserable. Now I know what you’re thinking…You live in Hawai’i!! Lucky! Yes and it has it’s pros, but it hasn’t rained in forever. And for a while I thought mother nature was playing a trick on me because when it would rain, it only rained at night. It doesn’t snow here, the leaves don’t turn colors, it’s just sunny 365 (almost). Last year, there was no rainy season (none that I know of atleast). This year, it’s been raining every day for the past 3 days. I LOVE it! I’m so happy to see rain you would think I had been living in a box for a year. It never rains in Southern California either. Welllll, maybe it does, but not a lot.

I’ve been skipping around my house. Listening to the rain. The rain, coincidentally does not help my 3 year old sleep. Oh well. My grass is finally turning green again (the grass in my yard, the grass on the other side of the proverbial fence is dead, I’m pretty sure that without my husband and kids I’d be lost, I don’t want to go there).

When we first moved into this house my neighbor told me my house would flood during rain season. I’m guessing this is rain season…no flooding…yet. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

While embracing how awesome the rain is and how comforting it is, to me, I decided to try something new.

Tres Leche Cake

I saw that another food blogger made this recently. I saw the recipe a while back but passed over it (I’ve been all about comfort food lately and need to get out of that funk). I came back to it yesterday. I’m fairly positive I have never had this before. Correct me if you have served it to me and I don’t remember (remember what I said about having kids and replacing brain cells with brownies? It could have been one of those memories that I don’t remember).

I just happened to pick up condensed and evaporated milk when I was grocery shopping. I have found, living in Hawaii, that if you don’t buy something at the commissary when you see it, it may be a mad house next time you go and it will all be gone (i.e. Halloween pumpkins, canned pumpkin, evaporated milk, flour, sugar, etc). So out of foodie fear, I stocked up. I’ve got this game figured out people. Guarantee I’ll still do the same thing back on the mainland. haha.

I don’t have a platter (yet) so I ended up just leaving it in the pan. I’m really surprised. This is REALLY good! Why have I never had this before?

I didn’t have maraschino cherries so I used pie cherries. In my opinion pie cherries are better anyways.

Thank you rain, for inspiring me to do something different.

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