Thankful for: Local Farms/Food

I know it seems like I get up on my little soap box and yack on and on about how important local farms and buying local is, but I’m here to say it again.

Before we moved to my husbands current duty station, we decided we would join a CSA here. Having a husband who grew up on a farm was an integral part of our decision making process. Here’s the breakdown of the decision. I could go to a grocery store and buy organic produce. Chances are, it’s probably been sitting there a couple days and part of the money I spent on said food is going to go out of state. If I instead, choose to join a local CSA, then the money stay here. I do the driving so the fuel cost is not added into my food and the food has been sitting for hours, instead of days. That means, there are more nutrients. Not only that, but it keeps family farms in the area, which is ever so important.

One really cool thing about this area, we have a milkman (how many people can say that?!) You heard me right, we have someone who comes to our house once a week with fresh milk (fresh meaning…it was in the cow 24-48 hours earlier and now its in my house). He also brings fresh apple cider (that is also local), if we so desire and a host of other things that are local to New England.

Back to the farm. We chose Simmons Farm for their longevity in the area (same family has owned it since 1643, amazing right?!), organic certification and amazing standing in the community. They have a ‘petting zoo’ that my kids absolutely adore (and thankfully this past Thursday my oldest did not tell the turkey she was going to eat him).

The pig saw food and hoofed it over.

They also make and sell their own goat cheese!

And provide fresh eggs.

And of course, cow cheese and beef.

Once a week we head over, the kids feed the animals and we pick up our meat and vegetables. To the left of this picture are the coolers that hold meat, cheese and eggs.

This week we got carrots, which I am absolutely ecstatic about.

The Simmons are, in one word, wonder people. They are the sweetest, kindest people with huge hearts. I can not imagine running a farm, a CSA and all the farmers markets they sell at. Absolutely amazing. If you have a local farm in your area go and hug a farmer (or shake their hand). It is so important for these small farms to remain standing. You can definitely taste all of the love that goes into growing this food.

One thought on “Thankful for: Local Farms/Food

  1. heather

    We just joined a winter CSA, since we don’t have winter greenhouses yet. I *love* it so far. It’s definitely only enough veggies to last our household a week or so, and it’s every two weeks, but I much prefer to supplement our vegetables with local items during the winter. It’s so great to support a local farm. What I really love about the farm we chose was they don’t in turn supplement with out of state produce if there isn’t enough – I didn’t even realize that some do. I guess it’s less of an issue in the winter. I’ve only done one pick up but I’m super thrilled. I also have the book on growing and storing food in winter, written by a guy in Maine, that I’m reading. I’m hoping in the future we can erect a cold frame over our garden in the winter and keep it going for a while!


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