Thankful for: Imagination

I have two girls. One is super girlie, the other likes to jump from very high heights with no fear, chase bugs and play in mud. They both have incredible imaginations.

So, on Saturday, when they decided they were going to throw a tea party for my husband and I. I decided to provide the scones. I had been browsing Foodpress and saw these beautiful yummies.

Cranberry Flaxseed Scones

I had cranberries left over from the ‘cranberry terrine’ I made last week, so I cut those in half and I always have ground flax on hand (it’s a kitchen staple, IMO). I don’t have any honey, so I used Agave nectar instead to sweeten the cranberries. And Almond milk instead of skim milk. And soy ‘butter’ instead of real butter.

These. Were. Ah-May-Zing. Oh my gosh they are good.

Definitely a holiday must. I think they took me about 7 minutes to mix 3 minutes to roll and cut and 15 minutes to bake. Can’t get much quicker than that for baked goods!

Bunny, Kitty, Child 1 and Child 2 as well as my husband and I, had a lovely tea party. Complete with ‘spit’ tea. Don’t ask…you don’t even want to know. Where my child came up with that idea is beyond me.

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