Thankful for: Food.

I love food.

Love, love, love it.

What I am thankful for today, is that I can go to a grocery store and it’s there (most of the time). I am fortunate enough to never have to go without and lucky enough that I can go to a store and not have to worry whether or not the shelves are stocked.

While I was at the commissary recently I decided I wanted to bake potatoes. Then I got home and decided I did not want baked potatoes, but baked potato soup instead (yes, I’m wishy washy). I have never made this, but I have hear people rave about it and gosh, it is sooooo good. One bowl and I was stuffed (I love filling, stick to your bones kind of food).

I did not make the low fat version. No. I made the whole milk, whole sour cream version.

My kids loved it.

My husband loved it.

This is definitely a keeper in my recipe files.

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