Thankful for: Chocolate.

We were at the farmers market in Hale’iwa a couple months ago when one of the vendors asked if I wanted to try a seed from a cacao pod. I love chocolate, why not? Then he showed me the seeds. Seeds that are covered in slime. He says, “Just pop it in your mouth, don’t chew the seed part, just suck on the slimy part.” My husband (the relentless adventurer), took one, popped it in his mouth and nodded his head to say it was okay to eat. To be honest, the thing looked texturally unappealing to me, I can’t believe that something so good comes from that. I tried it after a nudge from my husband and it really was pretty good.

You know, when Martha Stewart says, “Use the best you can afford.” That’s a really great tip. Most chocolate you find in a grocery store, is artificially flavored (mostly) and very sugary, but it’s cheap. I tend to go for the not so cheap chocolate, there is definitely something to be said about 75% cacao, but if you’ve always eaten Hershey bars, it might take a while to get use to it, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did. Baking with very good chocolate, yields better than average results. I LOVE Endangered Species chocolate and Green and Black’s peanut chocolate bar (oh my goodness it’s good, by far my favorite chocolate bar ever). One of my other favorite chocolate things. Donuts. I think I had said previously that donuts are hard to come by around here, so, I have to make them myself (haha…boo…I know).

Voila, chocolate glazed donuts. Move over Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, I’m on the up and up. haha.

Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Donuts

I made about 12 donut holes and 12 donuts. My kids ate all of the donut holes before I could try one, but the donuts were really good.

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