Soap that smells like food.

Have you ever had that problem?

Green Barn Soaps recently came out with a special limited edition Spiced Apple with Cranberry soap. I could smell it from outside the box and after opening the box, I could have eaten the soap.

I refrained, figuring it would probably make me sick and who wants to be sick around Christmas? Not me.

I then turned to the web to find a recipe for something Apple and Cranberry. I never realized there were SO many recipes for this combination! I’ve been living under a rock.

Leave it to Smitten Kitchen to save the day. Apple Cranberry Crisp (meh…the A should be in that link too, but it’s 5:32 pm and it feels like it’s 1 am…and I’m kind of amused that the A is missing).

Why does it feel like 1 am you ask? I blame Netflix and King Oberon. Netflix because I watched an entire season of ‘Hoarders’ and King Oberon because I seem to be stuck on reading Faery books lately (in the last two weeks I have read the first two books in the Wonderous Strange series, the Iron King series (the first two books), I have also read Shiver and Linger. I’m on a Young Adult reading spree or something, which is helping me neglect my responsibilities (thank goodness for my husband who has picked up the slack…he is awesome). So, I stayed up really late. Totally my own fault (ugh…I’m not a huge fan of things being MY fault, but…this is 100% my own doing).

I got completely off track…where was I?

Right. Crisp. It was really good and it smelled just like the soap (way to go GBS!! You made soap smell like food for the 2nd time (their lemon poppyseed smells just like lemon poppyseed cake)).

I did a couple changes. I used salted butter and just omitted the salt in the crumb top, I also used Whole Wheat Pastry flour…so maybe it’s a little healthier, I don’t know. With the changes I should have added a little liquid of some type because after I baked it the polenta was still rock hard. When I say this was good, the fruit, was really really good, the crust…ehhhh…not so much, but that could have been a user error.

I’m sure the soap really didn’t taste good, but I didn’t want to taste it to compare.

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