Scotch and broken teeth.

What do Butterscotch and Rice Krispies have in common?

Not much. Sugar. But they also collaborate to make Scotcheroo’s, which my mom use to make every holiday season. The only difference between hers and mine? I don’t ever remember hers being so hard that I felt like I was going to break my teeth.


They are sweet and so bad for you, you’ll probably have to stay in the gym overtime this week. Corn syrup makes shivers go up my spine, but I really really wanted these so I suffered through the 1 cup this calls for.

The reason mine were so hard is because I am impatient and put them in my refrigerator. Bad idea. They get almost rock hard. After letting them sit at room temp, they are edible with out breaking any teeth or anything.

Talk about sugar high though. WOO! My three year old was running around like a wild woman (I say that like it’s abnormal, but really it’s an everyday all day thing for her).

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