Not the dish. The rat. Or in my case, the mouse.

There has been a mouse running back and forth between my living room and my kitchen. Someone was supposed to come fix it last week and they didn’t (I don’t want the mouse dead, I just want him removed, apparently this was asking a lot out of Forest City). So this mouse, there might be 2–I can’t be sure, has been running amuck. Today, now that my central air is leaking like…gallons of water a day, I called them back. Got through the A/C problem and then I said, “I called a couple weeks ago about the ‘vents’ to the attic and the m…

%&%&*! There he goes again!

…ouse.” She said, “Oh, well nothing is scheduled.” Perfect. I wonder if the CNO has problems with the housing maintenance people.

“Okay, well can someone come out then?”

“Yes, where is the mouse?”

“He runs around the house. Under the oven, in the couch…you name it, he’s probably been there.”

“Ohh…haha…it’s Ratatouille.”

“No. Ratatouille is a rat, this is a mouse.”

“How do you know it’s a mouse?”

Because he wears a little sign around his neck that says, ‘Ralph’ and he rides a tiny toy motorcycle.

“It’s just a guess.”

“Well, either way, it’s gross and we’ll get someone out there to capture the vermin.”

The Vermin. HAHAHA. That makes him sound like a convict.

The sad part of the story is that my kids know where the ‘vermin’ hangs out and have tried to feed him a cookie or carrot on more than one occasion. Like it’s their friend. Oh well, he must go back to the wild at some point. He is getting pretty ballsy. Unfortunately for him, there is nothing in the kitchen for him. Because of bugs and other things I am fearful of, every speck of food in my kitchen is in airtight containers that I can barely open myself.

In honor of the mouse and the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. I present you with…cookies.

Neiman Marcus Cookies to be more specific. These are my #1 Chocolate Chip cookie. Probably because of the espresso powder. Or that they stay soo moist. Either of those options just make them absolutely, undeniably…”De-rich-ous” (<—in my oldest childs words…) They are easy to make, bake and even easier to eat…

Lets hope by this time on Friday we are mouse free around here.

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