Something you may not know about me: When I bake, I  listen to music. I dance around my kitchen and sing into my whisk.

This weekend was no different, the only difference was the song that popped into my head was a song I have not heard in about, ohhhh…10+ years. It popped into my head and I HAD to google the video for it, just for laughs.

That’s right, Kris Kross “I Missed The Bus”. Once I watched the video, I knew I had to share it. In light of the recent ‘almost rapture’ I’d like to draw a couple things to your attention.

1. If you miss the bus, Rapture will occur. For all of our sakes, DO NOT miss the bus.

2. If you do miss the bus, for sure it will nevah evah evah happen again, because you’ll have been eaten by a zombie.

3. Kris Kross will make ya ‘jump jump’

My friend, Nikki, sent me a recipe (thank you!) that is sure to be a new favorite at my house. Do you like Nutella? I do. I love it. Do you like peanut butter? I definitely do.

Peanut Butter Nutella Cookies via Sweetest Kitchen

These are a slam dunk (is that what it’s called, I’m not very sports inept). I sent them to work with my hubby and they were well received (really though, sailors will eat anything). I have to get more peanut butter, but I am definitely making these again this week.


Note: The cookies have ‘Kris Kross’ markings on them. Made by me, with a fork, while I listened to ‘I missed the bus’. hahaha.

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  1. Dr. Army Wife

    My husband loves peanut butter and chocolate/nutella more than any other food combo. I’ve been thinking about making some cookies to send over to him and these may just be the perfect ones!


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