Nope, not never.

I spent my entire day yesterday making sure that my house was in order for a pre-move out inspection. And…they never showed up. This is the third time this company has failed to show up for a scheduled appointment. They try to blame my husband and say that he called them and told them to come in the morning, but they missed the note. Weird, since he emailed me 15 minutes ago letting me know he wouldn’t be here for our AFTERNOON appointment and his cell phone doesn’t work in that big grey aluminum box he works in, so…I find it hard to believe that he changed the appointment and forgot that he changed the appointment. That’s just weird. The good side to this is that after I move out of this house, I won’t have to deal with this company anymore.

Blahh…oh well. Onward with the good stuff.

I have never had a Red Velvet Cupcake. Never ever. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities rave about Red Velvet and have Red Velvet wedding cakes. I live under a rock and just never had any desire to try Red Velvet when there is a Chocolate cupcake sitting next to it. I guess I have had no desire at all to try Red Velvet. But, my oldest was watching Olivia on T.V. and wanted red cupcakes, so I figured I would make some for her.

Lucky for me Paula Dean is on this planet to help us all consume more butter. I had to go check some ‘facts’ through wikipedia because I thought that Red Velvet is a southern cake (and actually the only people I ever hear of eating it are from the south), but it looks like…well…it looks the origin is a mystery. Anyways…I used Paula Dean’s Recipe.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

When I came down to the 1 tsp of Dutch Process Cocoa…I scratched my head. Really? That’s it? That’s all the chocolate they want me to put in this?? What good is ONE TEASPOON of Chocolate?

In an attempt to not screw up the recipe, even though I disagreed with the 1 tsp of cocoa, I followed it word for word. I also second guessed each word.

The end result is, delicious…if you like Red Velvet. They were moist, the frosting was yummy, but I’m still in love with my chocolate cupcakes. My oldest daughter however, freaked out and told me I had made cupcakes just like Olivia’s mom. Good thing, since that was the end goal. She also ate the cupcake and not just the frosting, which is also a goal. She also said there was, “a party in my tummy”. So either the cupcake gave her indigestion, or it made her tummy happy. She didn’t seem bothered after eating it- lets go with the later.

My youngest said that she, “can’t like it” but failed to tell me why she was unable to like a cupcake. I’m not sure what was stopping her, maybe watching me empty an entire bottle of food coloring gel into a bowl freaked her out. She said there was a monster in the bowl, maybe that was why she couldn’t like the cupcake. Two hours later she decided that she could like it and ate it. Perhaps her sister saying that the cupcake caused a party in her tummy turned her off from trying one. Either way, she still ate it and smashed half into the carpet. What would I do without my kids?

Now I can’t say I’ve never had Red Velvet. Red cupcakes do seem very Valentines-esque (that’s right men…Valentines Day is looming).

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