Make Pie and Eat It Too.

Most base housing locations have this contest called “Yard of the Month”. It is voted by community vote, meaning everyone in the community has an opportunity to ┬ávote for their favorite yard in the community. When we first moved here our yard was a mess. Our lease says that the Privatized Housing company is supposed to take care of our front yard, but it was obvious that they did not. After several weeks at looking out into our front yard and staring at what appeared to be a small desert, my husband decided that enough was enough and he headed to home depot for some grass advice. I called housing and asked them to rip out the entire ‘flower bed’ (I don’t even know if it qualified as a flower bed since there were 2 daffodils and some dead shrubs in it). They complied with my wishes and ripped out everything. I mean, everything. What I was left with was a bed of rocks and clay dirt.

I should preface this next part by mentioning that I have never gardened. I’ve seem my mom garden, but never partook in that experience, or tried my hardest to not have to take part in it.

I headed to home depot for some fertilizer, dirt and flowers. By flowers, I mean roses, hydrangea and calla lilies.

For someone who has never gardened, my flower bed looks pretty good. My Nikko Blue Hydrangeas are gorgeous. The roses are getting ready to bloom and my Calla lilies are…stellar. So stellar that when I went to a nursery this weekend one of the gardeners are in shock that I actually got them to bloom. Bloom 10-15 stems each (I have 2 plants).

I never realized how much fun it is to take care of flowers. Most of my flowers need very little attention. I picked them so that they would bloom at different times hoping that there would always be some color in the flower bed.

This weekend we went to the Aquidneck Growers Market to see what delicious produce they had in store. What we stumbled upon was nothing short of amazing…Organic Strawberries (from Simmons Farm) and Rhubarb, sold almost next to each other. We are a strawberry-rhubarb pie loving family so of course we bought some.

Me and pie dough do not get along. Not at all. I love flaky pie crust, I don’t love the headache that comes along with making it. I could follow the directions word for word and it will still crumble apart. That being said, the pie god was on my side for this one. Perfect pie crust.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie from Cooks Illustrated. You can also find a similar recipe at Smitten Kitchen, if you are not a member of CI.


Strawberry-Rhubarb is by far my favorite pie. It is a sign summer is coming and is delicious all day long (hey, I even ate some for breakfast).


It’s almost summer in New England *exciting!!*

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