It’s SOUFFLE day!!

That’s right.

Chocolate souffle. And while I was making this someone stopped by to pick up something I made for a function.

“What are you making?”

“Chocolate Souffle.”

“Oh, just chocolate souffle?” She said this like it’s completely abnormal for someone to bake chocolate souffle in the middle of the day. haha.

“Yup!” (I say yup because it drives my mom crazy. In reality I said, ‘Yes.’)

It’s easy to make. Easy to bake. It just requires patience (HAHA. The first seven times I typed that I typed “patients”, but assure you, you don’t need patients to make this) and methodical folding.

Mr. Chocolate’s Chocolate Souffle

You’ll need a foil collar for this if you decide to take a jab at souffle. I recommend at least trying to bake it once in your life. I wish I had gotten better pictures, but the fact of the matter is…it was deflating fast. haha. It was sooo good.

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