It didn’t take a genius.

Hell’s Kitchen. Ever watch it? Here at my house we do. That being said, it’s the only window to Risotto my husband appears to have ever had. Which I believe has made him believe that risotto is unbelievably difficult to make.

Not the case. But thank you Gordon Ramsey for making it appear to my husband that I am genius.

Here’s what you do:

Get yourself some Ariboro rice. Let’s say 1 lb. if you are feeding an army or want to eat Risotto for the rest of the week.

Get an onion.

Put some oil and butter in a big saute pan.

Wait. This will explain it better.


This doesn’t have white wine, but sometimes when you go to those fancy schmancy restaurants, they do. My kids don’t like that. I used chicken broth.

Look! Risotto in a cup!

When my husband got home from work he asked, “What’s this? Mac and Cheese?”

“Yeah, it’s mac and cheese made with rice. haha.”

“What is it?”


“Is it good?”

“No, not at all.”

He was standing there in absolute amazement that I pulled that the ever illusive risotto.

Dude, it didn’t take a genius to make it. And, he liked it.

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