In the Black Forest

…of cherry cake.

There is this little thing called Oktoberfest. I was asked to make something for a get together for a spouses group here in Hawaii.

What to bake…what to bake…

So I asked. Lucky me, I have friends from Germany and my in-laws throw an Oktoberfest party every year. When I asked I got a zillion emails and posts that told me to bake a Black Forest Cherry Cake.

I like cake. I went with it and baked it. This is my first attempt that this cake. I used this recipe:

Black Forest Cherry Cake

It was easy to make and although it did taste good, it is not the recipe I will be using. It wasn’t really Cherry enough. I’m assuming it should actually have SOME cherry taste since it’s a ‘Cherry Cake’. It was pretty though.

I am going to try another recipe. I don’t have to have the final product done until the 15th, so…I have some time to figure something out. This cake taste VERY good, I could probably add some more cherries and it would be okay, but I like to do things the hard way. I’ll just find a different recipe and try that.

By the way…if you didn’t know how difficult cherries are to find in Hawaii…it wasn’t easy to find a jar/can of sour cherries. When I figure out why it was so difficult to find them, I could have kicked myself. Apparently Apples and cherries are the same thing and whoever restocked the shelved at the commissary put the canned apples in from of the canned cherries. But, I found some and bought a ton. haha.

I also made my husband take a shot of Kirsch so he could let me know how it tasted. I had smelled it and it smelled like cough syrup…very very strong cough syrup. He said it was gross. Good thing I added sugar to it. I read a review somewhere that said this cake needed to be Kirsch-y…so that’s what I’m going for next.

2 thoughts on “In the Black Forest

  1. debbie Cote

    Kirch is really good in cheese fondue. I haven’t made the Black Forest cake from my cookbook for a long time but I remember it was pretty good. Do you have the book, Chocolate Arts? My idea of Octoberfest is German Chocolate Cake!


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