I am a dieters’ best friend.

I went on a bit of a cookie baking binge this past weekend. For no reason other than I was running out of flour and wanted to see how many times I could send my husband out to grab an ingredient I was out of. First it was flour, then chocolate chips, then I needed some new tarts for my tart warmer…the list goes on and on.

It seems like whenever I have a free minute I bake A LOT. I can’t reign myself in to bake one thing, I have to bake enough for everyone at my husbands place of employment, the neighborhood, as well as anyone who comes to my house at the same time (I haven’t heard a complaint from them yet). My dieting friends are scared to come to my house.

I LOVE nutella. I am also partial to chocolate chip cookies. Nutella AND chocolate chip cookies?! mmmm…

I thought these were a joke at first. Rest assured. They are real and they are yummy.

nutella filled 2Find the recipe: Bake at 350

I moved on to bigger things. Cookies the size of my hand (purely by accident). Better yet, chocolate cookies filled with peanut butter. These are so rich, you are going to want a glass of milk to go with them.

peanut butter filledFind the recipe: Picky Palate

As I was taking pictures, I noticed some movement to my left. I had a stalker.

C is not for thatcher's cookie

A very sweet, yellow, almost snow nosed stalker wanted a cookie. I gave him a carrot.





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  1. John Violette

    I’m glad to are blogging again. It always makes my day to read about what you are up too. Always interesting and funny!! Great stuff.


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