Hide your wife, hide your kids and hide your husband

…because these are really, really bad for you.

It’s not just the can of Mountain Dew, 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 2 sticks of butter. I’m sure the croissants out of a can aren’t that great for your body either. But…I wasn’t feeling well, both of my kids were sick and I just wanted something yummy. I also did not want to stand in my kitchen making croissant dough (it’s easy if you don’t want to eat food out of a can). And by this point, all common sense had escaped me.

I’m a big fan of the Pioneer Woman. Her recipes never let me down and this one didn’t fail me either.

Apple Dumplings

What I like about her even more, is that she doesn’t use a microwave. I don’t have one and when I come to a recipe that directs me to use one, I become confused and a bit disoriented. I’m sure being sick wouldn’t help that, I had already taken some sudafed (I felt THAT bad), and was feeling groggy. I stood in my kitchen trying to remember what I was doing for a good 15 minutes before I started these. My kids were being fussy. My husband was complaining via email. I was just confused. Like I said…no microwave, I can follow her recipe without having to think too much.

Finally, I got my bearings and threw this together.

Oh. It’s good. I even had some homemade vanilla ice cream left from last week which made it even better. Although it seemed a bit soupy coming out of the oven and I did bake for an extra 5 minutes because it just didn’t look done. I was pleasantly surprised how absolutely mouth watering delicious it really was (I’m sure it has a lot to do with the butter and sugar).

I mean…just look at it.

For your Christmas get togethers. Make this. No one will know (as long as you don’t tell them) how terrible it is for them, nor will they care…it’s the holidays. And it will look like you spent a lot of time putting it together.

Of course, me…the sugar addict. I couldn’t just buy one can of Mountain Dew. Nope. I bought a 12 pack and drank 6. So. Gross. I was hyper until well after my old lady bed time. 8 pm. It was a bad idea, but like I said…sudafed…I wasn’t thinking clearly, therefore I can not be held responsible for my actions.

Tomorrow…roasted garlic pasta noodles. It’s not baking, but they are WAY too good to not blog about.

I can’t stop thinking about these Apple Dumplings. They are staring at me from across the kitchen. I need to hide.

One thought on “Hide your wife, hide your kids and hide your husband

  1. Brittani

    Holy awfulness!! These look disgustingly delicious! I might need to try them out this weekend. I have heard so many good things about The Pioneer Woman, but have refrained from getting her cookbook thus far because I certainly don’t need all the butter required for her delicious recipes!


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