Going Verde

For today, I have two favorite things.

First. My all-time favorite cookbook is Veganomicon. It has been well loved and continues to be used quite a bit. It contains recipes for everything from salad, to chili’s to cupcakes. It is super versatile, I can’t say enough great things about it.

My favorite recipe is Manzana Chile Verde. It is so good. Spicy. But very very good. I made a couple of adjustments. I used Russet Potatoes and Black Beans, because I didn’t have any Navy beans (what a coincidence, haha).

Second. My favorite bowl. I painted this at one of those clay places that has the pieces you can glaze, they fire, they call you and you go see what came out of the kiln that has your name on it. I LOVE this bowl. If it ever got broke in a move I would be devastated…then I’d go paint a new one.

I made this, then I went to see Harry Potter 7. I did not realize how much jalapeño I had on my fingers (and I had really scrubbed my fingers and hands after I cut them). I was exhausted. I rubbed my eyes and…oh, the burn. I could have sworn my eyes were going to swell shut right there in the middle of a dark theater (better than a light theater, right?). Awful. Finally after 12 hours with  jalapeño juice on my fingers, I think I have thoroughly scrubbed it off.

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