Chocolate Beans!

I made Chili. Chicken Salsa Chili to be more specific. While we were sitting and eating dinner my 3 year old exclaimed, “I love chocolate beans!” and held up a Dark red kidney bean.

“You love chocolate beans?”

“Yup, they are nummy nummy in my tummy!!”


“Well I’m glad you like them.”

I’m not going to correct her. If she wants to think they are chocolate beans, so be it. They are good for her.

I love making chili. It is easy, it’s quick and it’s always satisfying (most of the time, I tried chocolate chili and gagged). This chili simply consists of onion, chicken breast, jalapeno, garlic, tomatoes, kidney beans, hominy (i couldn’t find any so I used garbanzo beans), lime juice and cilantro. Very easy, very yummy in my tummy. It didn’t feel like it was burning a hole through my stomach lining. It was spicy enough to be called chili and not soup but not so spicy I needed to go to the hospital.

Beans are great for the grocery budget. Dry beans can be soaked overnight and used in meals the next day. I think they are about $1 a bag and one bag can make a TON.

It’s fall. Get your chili on! And eat some Chocolate Beans!

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