Cheese Louise

My youngest child will only eat Macaroni and Cheese. That’s it (other than banana’s and asparagus). I usually keep a surplus of the stuff on hand, which means baking it twice a week or more. Last night was one of those nights. I have been trying to change it up lately. I have always used the same recipe and I want to try something new. Plus, my husband doesn’t like MY macaroni and cheese so it’s probably time to move on.

I decided on The Pioneer Woman’s Comfort Mac and Cheese. I made her Fancy Mac last week and Wow! It was soo good.

I bought, the 1 lb of Cheese this recipe calls for. Oh.MY.Cheese. I’m just as much a cheese lover as a person to my right (who happens to be 2 weeks shy of three years old), but that seems like a little overkill. Moving on. I don’t like ground mustard. I never have. I never will, no matter how much my husband likes food with it in it, I will never like it. But, in the spirit of this recipe I decided I was going to go for it.

But wait. Shred 1 POUND of CHEESE? When did I sign up for fitness class?

Since I am like Tim ‘the Tool Man’ Taylor of my kitchen, I refuse to shred that much cheese (this decision has nothing to do with my lack of owning a shredder…another one of those I don’t know why I don’t have one, I just don’t.) I DO, however, completely agree with putting a pound of cheese into my food processor!

Voila! Shredded Cheddar in under a minute!

I use white cheddar. I know what you’re thinking. Weird. I get it all the time when people come over and see I have white cheddar. I just assume this is a New England thing because when I lived in San Diego, I had to beg for the stuff (and Orangina, don’t laugh, this stuff is Da Bomb). Luckily they have it in Hawaii and it’s never sold out (both actually, WholeFoods carries Orangina and I think I’m the only person that buys it).

Anyways on with the mac. Easy recipe. I added the dreadful ground mustard, bunch of salt and threw it in the oven.

MUAHAHAHA…Cheeesy goodness, straight out of the oven…

Then I put a bunch in a bowl (I did share with the kidlets…) YUM!

Hands down, best plain mac and cheese recipe I have ever had. Try it, I bet you’ll agree!

Of course after the yumminess comes…dishes. I am taking applications for dishwashers. I will feed you as payment. This is normally my hubs job (poooor hubs, I am a kitchen cyclone. He says, “why can’t you use the same dish?” I say, “What does that mean? One dish? Why would I buy all of these if I was only going to use one?”), but since he’s away…I need a replacement. While I was doing dishes I turned away, I’ll admit, I’m exhausted…my kids have been sick, I’m not feeling well, no one in my house sleeps. I forget things allll the time. Apparently I turned the water on in the sink. Several minutes later hear, “*gasp* BUBBLES!” Bubbles? What?! I run into the kitchen to find a wall of bubbles hovering over my sink.

What a mess. Oh well. I cleaned…then I made a bigger mess. Also known as Challah Bread. So, stay tuned. I’m making something delicious and it has a wonderful story behind it.

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