Calling All Scalawags and Buccaneers

Yo Ho Matey’s!

My youngest love pirates. We thought it was a phase, but she continues pretend she is a pirate. We went with it and threw her a party to reflect her love for pirates.

I made her a treasure chest cake inspired by FamilyFun Magazine. The cake is a basic chocolate cake from Cooks Illustrated and the frosting is the chocolate frosting from the same magazine. Both very easy. When I transferred the cake from the wire rack to the cutting board, the cake split in half…oops. The directions for cutting the cake are under the family fun link, but very easy to do.

Then frost and add whatever candy you choose.

My cake was a tad dry but the frosting was perfect. For the adults I made cupcakes. Huge Hit.

Some other ideas for pirate parties:

Treasure chest for cheese puff balls

Appetizer sword for fruit and veggie picks

Deviled Egg Pirate ships (the sails are red and orange pepper cut into triangles)

I also made blue jello and added some fish…but that didn’t really work out.


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