Breakfast Souffle

I found this recipe a while ago, but I couldn’t make it living in a hotel. I waited. Then I got here and made them.

Pancake Souffle

They are super easy to make and definitely a great recipe if you are having people over for breakfast/brunch.

The bacon was another purchase from our Wholefoods adventure. That is Black Forest bacon, but we also tried the double smoked, which was equally as delicious.

I am really amazed at how these ‘pancakes’ turned out. They are nice and light and the perfect breakfast food. The only person who didn’t care for them was my youngest, but she’s picky so, it’s really just her, not the little souffle.

We are attempting to rewire our clocks to Eastern Time (which is a 5 hour difference from Hawaii until Sunday, then it’s a 6 hour difference). Child #2 is so confused, the poor thing. I think she woke up at 2am thinking it was just a nap, not bed time. My husband is food confused and can’t figure out when to eat. Me, I’m just tired, but that is nothing new…I just need some coffee and more pancake souffle.

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