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Johnny Appleseed has nothing on me…nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuthin’ on me. Other than seeds…and ¬†apples from a tree (though, I’m sure mine came from a tree…probably in Yakima, Warshington. <<—I’m married to a Warshintonian…I’m allowed to say Warshington.)

My husband got home! *Throws confetti into the air* YAY! So, what did I do? I baked apple pie for my Salty-Sailor, because it’s his favorite!

Just a note: He didn’t *just* get home. I wouldn’t actually reveal the date he arrived back in port…ya know…OPSEC.

I bought pie crust. (*gasp* I know. I could have made it) My oldest was ‘helping’ so I didn’t want to mess around with crust. I had to buy the apples too, but WholeFoods is good about carrying organic apples…sometimes. I found a recipe by a CIA student that actually thickens the liquid first, which seems like a really great idea.

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Now, he doesn’t tell you how much sugar to use, but we can assume he means 1 cup of granulated sugar. I used 1 cup and it worked just fine.

I rolled the pie crust too thin, you would think that buying pre-made crust would have helped me avoid that. Nope, I’m the crazy that thinks they need to continue rolling the crust.

Keep in mind that apples cook down, so while it may look like you have A LOT of apples, it will be okay. It will all work out in the end. Make sure to put the pie on a baking dish, it does drip a little bit.

But when it comes out of the oven…*smells* it’s beautiful.

I let mine sit for three hours…plus, because I thought my husband would be home earlier than he ended up being let go. Not a big deal, because this pie needs to sit anyways.

But once I cut into it…ahhhh…sweet Apple Pie.

Remember what I said about rolling the crust too thin? Yeah, it fell apart a little. Oh well, it was going to get gobbled up anyhow.

I have vanilla ice cream but forgot about it. By the time we made it to the pie, it was late. I was exhausted and forgetful.

I even made him these…*gasp* Because you can not have apple pie without a burger first. Bye Bye vegetarianism…it was a good ride…haha. (The beef was ‘friendly’ so I’m still kind of doing my part)

Burgers and Apple Pie…how American of me.

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