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Treasured {Listable Life}

I’m loving the theme for this weeks Listable Life. Love-ing it.

5 People You Treasure Most

I usually never post pictures of…anyone. However, since I treasure these people, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I embarrass the heck out of them.

1. My husband.

SpouseBuzz posted an article earlier this week (or maybe it was last week, I’m a little hazy on days) about how a military marriage works (which should answer the question for those who ask “How do you do it?”). The article says everything I ever want to say, but can never figure out how to say it.

My marriage is not perfect, but my husband and I both work hard at it. We both support it. I treasure him because he is a vital part of my life.

He supports me.

I say, “I want to run a marathon”, he says, “Go for it. I’ll be at the finish line.”

I say, “I’m going to start a blog”, he says, “Do it. You’re funny. It will be great.”

I say, “I need a vacation”, he says, “Where do you want to go? I will take some time off and stay home with the girls.”

I support him.

He says, “I want to go here and do this for the Navy”, I say, “Let’s Go!” (even if it means being somewhere I don’t really want to be)

He says, “I’m going to go back to school for my Masters’”, I say, “You should!”

He says, “I’m deploying”, I say, “I’ll be here when you get back.”

He listens when I am mad. He listens when I am sad. He calls me out on my crap.

I don’t think I would have become the person I am today, the person I am proud to be, without him.

This picture was sent to me. I had not seen my husband in what felt like a lifetime (but was really only 7 maybe 8 months). I don’t know what he is looking at, but I thought it was so sweet of someone to take a  picture of my husband doing what he loves (which isn’t standing at the end of the brow, I mean SWO, my husband loves being a SWO).

2. My kids.

My oldest bringing out the child in me. 

What would I do without them? My oldest daughter went back to school this week. I almost cried when I dropped her off. I really loved having her at home and I miss our time together. I love watching her dance. I love playing dolls with her. She is so awesome.

My youngest taking a ride on a bubble mower.

My youngest daughter is so full of personality it is bubbling out her ears. I love that she is so confident in who she is. She wears batman t-shirts, superman t-shirts and loves them. She’s my little pirate somedays and a little ninja others. I can’t imagine not having her in my life.

3. My mom.

She has put up with my crap for my entire life and has yet to disown me. Actually, she still tells people I’m her child (*Amazing!*) I think that’s an accomplishment.

I can never say my mom never let me make a mess. Look at my face! What was she thinking?! I look like I’m coming down from a sugar high.

4. My brother.

We fought like no other. He beat me up and I retaliated (it could have been the other way around, but I’ll never own up to it).

Without a little brother, I never would have learn patience. I never would have learned how to ignore stuff that bothers me (he was SUCH a pest). I never would have had half of the memories I have.

5. My best friend.

This is us, a couple weeks ago:

This is us, same restaurant, almost 10 years ago:

I met her my very first day of college. She lived down the hall from me and was friends with my roommate. A while ago I saw a pin on interest about “getting a matching tattoo with your best friend” as a bucket list item. We have a matching tattoo. I have never regretted it for a day (even the days we weren’t always so thrilled with each other). I still love it as much as I did the day we got them. The day she told me it wouldn’t hurt. It hurt, but it was worth it.

I have lived 3500 miles away, 6000 miles away and now 300 miles away. I have also lived with her, down the street from her and in separate towns from her. No matter where I live, she’s a phone call, email or text message away. It takes a really fantastically, special person to deal with that and still be my best friend.

One last thing…

I also treasure chocolate ice cream. Smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream.

I picked up Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you how much I love the recipe book. Every recipe in it is amazing. I quite literally tagged the entire book, so that I make every recipe. I started with “The Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream in the World”. It was out of this world good.

On The Fly

As I was working out on Saturday, I pulled some of my abdominal muscles. At first I thought it wasn’t that bad, turns out I was wrong. It’s a severe strain. I cried. I’ve been working really hard and I was so disappointed. My husband kept saying, “stuff like this happens”, but all I could focus on was the disappointment.

I took the weekend off and rested (I’m not sure what I meant by ‘taking the weekend off’…I have every weekend off). Or tried to rest. Apparently you use your ab muscles for…everything. My husband and kids are hilarious. Every time they would goof off I would be crippled over in pain – laughing and crying.

Somehow, my TV got ‘stuck’ on MTV’s Jersey Shore, by STUCK…I mean I got sucked in. Maybe it’s the fact that the show is a train wreck, my piddly ab strain didn’t seem so bad anymore. I decided to look up my Jersey Shore name. Turns out, if I lived there and was on the show, my nickname would be Hot Spot and/or Kooky.

While I was figuring out my Jersey Shore name, my husband was rummaging through the kitchen looking for a snack. He ended up with a handful of Oreo’s and a little white bowl of milk.

That’s right. A bowl of milk.

“What are you? A cat?”

This is where I bust out laughing, then crying because of the pain, then laughing at the bowl, and crying, etc.

“I didn’t need a whole cup of milk.”

He says this as if we don’t have short glasses that work perfectly for dipping Oreo’s. He corrected himself and said, “I didn’t want that much milk.” Trying not to make me laugh, my husband dipped his Oreo’s in his cat dish of milk. I continued with my painful laughter. He mimicked a kitten lapping milk.

I swear he is really a sailor, not a cat.

I feel pretty fortunate to have a husband who is a) home b) extremely supportive. He took care of the girls all weekend and even made dinner. It’s not that he does it, because if I asked, he’d do it. It was that he did it all. Laundry. All of it.

I sat on the couch and read books. He brought me iced tea and vicodin (which I really disklike. The vicodin part, that is. It makes me feel crazy. I even say crazy things and forget just about everything about myself). He listened to my whine about how far I feel like I am in my training for the Marine Corps Marathon and assured me that I’ll be okay (and that I’m not THAT far behind). He’s really my rock. So, as I sit here, waiting for my abs to heal, here is what my husband made for dinner.

It was so good. Definitely something that anyone could make on the fly.

Mexican Noodles (I have actually blogged about this before)

I think I will eat the leftovers today.

I am also feeling better today.

Or, I was, until I sneezed. Grr…

Hen Picked and Grasshopper Cake

I love doing weekly link ups. Especially on weeks my brain is literally full of everything I need to do and I have a hard time thinking up a theme for what I want to blog about. It gets me off to a good start. This week is school vacation and apparently my brain went on vacation with it.

Today I’m linking up with Rubber Chicken Madness for:

This weekly meme requires picking my 5 favorite pins from Pinterest each week, with a comment about each. Apparently no easy task for me because I love all of them, but here are my favorites.


Source: Uploaded by user via Cait on Pinterest


I have wanted to get a new tattoo for sometime. I don’t have a lot of them and the ones I do have are meaningful and important to me. I couldn’t really decide where I wanted it, but I’m really liking this idea.




My husband and I went to introduce ourselves to our oldest child’s new counselor last week. It was an eye opening experience. Did you know that the things that 4 year olds talk about (the serious things) are the things they are worried about? While she would talk about something that I thought she was venting about, she was actually telling me because she was worried it was going to happen again. We walked away armed with a toolbox of things to try with her. It went exceptionally well and I am glad we decided on this specific psychologist, she’s going to be wonderful.


Source: via Cait on Pinterest

I love dresses. Love them. I don’t wear them enough. While perusing Pinterest from some spring/summer dress ideas, I stumbled upon this. I love it.


Source: via Cait on Pinterest

Being the domestic goddess that I am (hahaha), I love everything and anything that has to do with decorating my house. Even towels. I spotted these on Goop months ago and fell in love with them. I told my husband that I wanted the Navy stripped towels and he just mumbled. However, since we are moving very soon, I’m hoping he’ll be on board with new towels for a new home. I think these would be so cool.


Source: via Julieta on Pinterest

This. I always need to refer to this to fold those pesky fitted sheets. Mine are actually currently rolled up in a ball in the linen closet.


So, it’s school vacation. I have apparently really missed spending time with my oldest because we have been having a lot of fun doing crafts and hanging out. I guess I still have to send her back to school next week, but I am enjoying every bit of time I get to have her home.

I made this last week and it was amazing. It’s a grasshopper cake. The recipe is from BAKED: New frontiers in baking. It had everything I want a cake to have. A chocolate cake base. Ganache. Peppermint frosting. Butter. Butter. Mmmmm…

Sorry for the terrible picture. Bad light. I was taking a picture of it before my husband whisked it off to work.

This Drink’s On Me {Listable Life}.

I love to have people over for dinner. LOVE it. Food and conversation makes me so happy.

Without further adieu, I’m getting straight to the point this week. I love this weeks choices for Listable Life with Moments that Define Life (for obvious reasons).

5 Favorite Recipes for Entertaining

1.) Homemade pasta.

I make it weekly, so for me, it’s nothing, but for people who have never had homemade noodles before, there is a definite *wow* factor there. Making it is fascinating and so is eating it. It’s my go to recipe when we are having people over and I can’t decide what to make. It’s also easy to make.

Here’s my tutorial on making roasted garlic spaghetti noodles along with my recipe for alfredo (which is amazing).

2.) Maine Shrimp Puffs.

I made these back in November for a spouses night and they have made my top 10 favorite recipes (for both my husband and myself). They are addicting and impressive. Also, the Aioli that goes with them is kickin’. I would have licked it out of the dish if I could have.

Maine Shrimp Puffs

3. Themed food.

I like to theme my dinner nights. I did lamb meatballs once and they were awesome. It was sort of a middle eastern inspired night, complete with butternut squash soup (which is my husband favorite thing to eat over there).

Lamb Meatballs

4.  Barbecue

My husband loves to grill. I love to grill (when I can figure out how to get the thing going). Most people love barbecue, even if it means getting their hands dirty (or maybe that’s part of the fun). This recipe from Dishing up Maine, brings me home and I love serving it.

Country Fair Garlic Barbecue Chicken

5. Devil’s Food Layer cake with Peppermint frosting and ganache.

I have made this cake countless times and it is one of the most requested cakes I am asked to make. I can’t imagine why, I mean…this cake is seriously fantastic and heavenly. Everyone (well, most everyone) LOVES peppermint.

6. Yes, I’m adding a 6th and this is definitely worth being added to the list. It’s a Rose Collins.

I had never tried this before last Wednesday and I’m not a huge drinker of hard liquor, but this was really awesome. It’s light and yummy and not overly ‘boozy’.

Here’s the recipe (since I have never blogged this awesomeness before):

3 oz gin (I used gin with a lime twist)

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz lemon juice

6 raspberries


club soda

Put the gin, simple syrup, lemon juice and raspberries into your shaker with ice and shake it up. Divide between two glasses of ice and top off with club soda. Seriously, it is so good. This is a great recipe to tuck away for an outdoor summer party!

Junk Food I Ate.

I have a theory.

The food you grew up with, will always be your favorite. I grew up in a small town in Maine and to this day Pat’s Pizza is still my all time favorite. I mean, I liked Oggi’s in San Diego, but they had nothing on Pat’s. We stopped there on our way back to Maine and picked up an unreasonable amount of pizza and cheesy breadsticks. We’ve been eating it for days and I am perfectly content with that.

On the last 2 trips up north, my husband has wanted to buy a growler of beer from the Sea Dog (their blueberry ale is my very very favorite). This time, as luck would have it, we remembered to pick one up.

Even luckier, we won $21 off scratch tickets.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, our local green grocer got in a new shipment of Blood Oranges. WIN!


To offset the goodness of the blood orange, I made and consumed these:

Strawberry-Cream cheese ‘Danishes’. So good.

Apparently no veggies. Wait, there were mushrooms on my pizza. I promise to do better next week. I swear we do eat veggies in my house!


A look into the life of my 4 year old Military Child.

My oldest is kind. She is compassionate. She is loving.

Drawing with shells at the beach.

Her laugh is infectious and can send my husband and I into a tearful laughter in seconds.

But for her, her life has been tough. On the outside, it seems like she lives a pretty charmed life. She’s lived in San Diego, Hawaii and Rhode Island. She gets to spend long weekends in Maine. She’s spent time in Washington. She has more frequent flier miles than most kids have by the time they are 18 years old. Her room is decorated like every little girls dream, with fairies, princesses, butterflies, dolls and lots and lots of books. She has friends all over the world that she still loves and cares for.

What most people never see is that my 4 year old daughter will not allow my husband to step out the door. She blocks the door and in order for him to even leave for work, I have to hold on to her, because she will chase him out the door. She loves him so very much that the thought that daddy might not be home after work, scares her.

Yet, everyday, he comes home after work. He’s home to put her to bed and read bed time stories. He’s here on the weekends and frequently spends all of that time with both kids. Come Monday, it’s the same cycle.

This happened in Hawaii, but there was no screaming. She just lost interest in all things around her. She would cry that she missed Daddy and that she wanted him to come home. We talked about how important his job was and after I exhausted myself trying 300 different ways to help her, I took her to a counselor.

If I could tell you how horrible I felt, if I could just put it into words – I would. I felt like the world’s worst mom.

I always hear people say that there is no way that a military child is ‘bonded’ with their military parent. I’m here to say, that’s simply not true.

My oldest daughter was born in September of 2007, my husband deployed in November and returned home in June of 2008 (or was it July…I can’t remember). She was 5 weeks old when he left and 9 months old when he returned. From the moment he stepped off the ship I have been chopped liver. He was immediately her best buddy, which is my favorite thing about them, they are so close and it’s so cute to watch them interact.

A month after he got home, he left again. Then they were in the yards and it was pure mayhem.

Then we moved to Hawaii, where his job required him to be at work almost 24/7 and even though they only left port for 2 months, the girls very rarely saw him. If he did come home it would be 1 am and he would leave again at 4am. Things started to go down hill with her about 5-6 months after her second birthday, but after counseling, she did SO much better with him being away so much.

Then we moved here and thought she’d be okay since he’d be home almost every day. For the first couple weeks here she cried when he left for work, but it was normal separation anxiety (there is normal for her and then there is abnormal which is where we are at now). She’d stop crying after he was gone. My husband went to Tennessee for a short jaunt in September of this year. It was her first week of school and we were concerned that she was going to have some issues. Surprisingly she did not.

But then something not so great happened. Where she had always been able to talk through her feelings with me (she would tell me she missed daddy when he was at work and we’d talk about how he’d be home for dinner and she’d say it just made her feel sad, but we’d find fun things to do), she suddenly stopped. I would continuously ask her how she was feeling and she clammed up. Finally, she told me that she was told that she wasn’t allowed to miss daddy. She had been told that it was not okay and then was given a reason on why she was not allowed to miss him.

Then, she progressively got worse…to the point we are at now. We went to a counselor 45 minutes away for most of the fall, but since we were only allotted 8 appointments, and her original pediatrician refused a referral (I’m still not sure why), we stopped. We stopped and she got sad all over again. I finally changed her Primary Pediatrician and got the golden ticket to see a new psychologist.

I was talking to her new pediatrician when he gave me a piece of advice.

Every military family endures stress. We live with it as if it’s just part of our lives. We live a life of “unknowns” and somehow, learn to cope with that unknown. For some military children, that “unknown” takes over. In the case of my 4 year old, she doesn’t know when Daddy is going to leave for a long time again. We can’t ease her mind and tell her it will never happen again, because we don’t know. I honestly never really looked at it like that. Which, you’d think being a mom, I would. I never stepped back and thought, “It must be stressful moving from San Diego, to Hawaii to Rhode Island all before turning 4 years old.” And while I thrive in a deployment situation; for her, I never thought, “It must really stink when you want to hang out with daddy and he’s gone so much.”

What I do know:

It is never okay to underestimate a child’s feelings. ANY child, military or civilian.

Four year olds don’t lie. I honestly didn’t believe her when she told me what was said to her, but I have been assured by a psychologist and her pediatrician that she is not lying to me – or them, there is no way she just made that up. Looking back I should have believed in her more than I did.

Regardless how long your service member is gone, it’s never okay to compare length of separation with a child having a hard time. “Your daddy is only gone two weeks, but ours is gone a year.” Not.Okay. Every separation is significant to them and they don’t quite understand time (or at least my 4 year old does not, 2 days and a year sort of meld together in her head).

While she is sort of an odd case and her pediatrician agreed that most of the time it seems older children are more affected by their parents deployments and separations, it does happen to little kids too.

If we totaled the time my husband has been home and compared it to the age of my oldest daughter, he’s been away approximately half of her life (probably more if you count underway and training time). That percentage will get smaller while we are here, but as far as mental health goes, we are looking at the long term picture, not just the here and now.

With all of that, there are positives that come out of this.

She will be a very resilient adult after learning how to cope with so much as a child.

I have noted the role that other military children play in her life. I picked her up at school one day, interrupting a conversation she was having with another child about how cool it is that both of their daddy’s are in the Navy and how proud they are of the things each others daddy’s do. These children are her support system, the people she leans on when the going gets rough. The children who understand what she is going through and what she has been through.

Keep in mind the things you say and do can affect the way a military child thinks. They are proud of their parents service. “Branch Rivalry” and “Rank Wars” can affect the way they think. While it can be a joke between parents, small children can not always sense sarcasm. After overhearing a conversation, my 4 year old came home and asked me why her daddy doesn’t do anything. I remember just standing in the kitchen and looking at her, trying to figure out how to explain it was just a joke. She perceived it to be the truth and thought we had lied to her when we tell her that daddy does important stuff for this country.

If you have a military child that you feel is having a hard time or for deployment tips, there are a lot of organizations out there that can be utilized.

Military Kids Connect - This site connects military kids together to help them cope with deployments. This will be an amazing tool when my daughter is 6.

Military Kids Speak - While this site is focused in North Carolina, it is a wealth of information even for those not in NC.

Deployment Kids

Operation Purple

Talk, Listen, Connect – Sesame Street - We have both of these videos and my kids really respond to them. They are so well done.

Zero to Three - Information for parents on the needs of young military children.


Make my (chocolate) Heart Melt and {Listable Life}

A couple days ago, I set out with the supreme intent to make my husbands coworkers breakfast. It didn’t work out so well. I was attempting Lemon Ricotta doughnuts and my ricotta did not set up right, which caused a big mess and me throwing the whole project away due to frustration.

But then I remembered that Valentine’s Day was here. I scrapped the breakfast plan and set out on something ‘cute’. This something cute just happened to fall in line with the cake I sent in last week. Salted Caramel Buttercream. They have got to be getting sick of it by now.

Brownie Cookie Hearts with Salted Caramel Buttercream

While I was making the dough, I panicked. It was crumbly, it wasn’t holding together, I thought I was on a losing streak with baking. After being refrigerated it shaped up. It was still crumbly, but as you can see, I was able to roll it out and cut out the hearts. Aren’t they cute?

Ignore the finger in the picture.

Onward to my favorite meme of the week – Listable Life with Moments that Define Life

5 Bloggers You Admire or Enjoy the Most

1. Preserve and Honor

First of all, I can’t even walk in to Arlington without bursting into tears. Second, this ‘kid’ was what? 17 when he started this blog/project? A teenager. Kudos to him. I’d be a mess.

I check it every now and then to see what he’s up to – to read the stories he posts – to learn about the lives of the Fallen.

2. The Beauty Department

This blog helps me fantasize about fashion. I’m so laid back with my clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be super girly, but I don’t know how to put on eye liner and even though I have long hair, I never know what to do with it. This blog answers all of my uneducated questions.

3. The Whisk Kid

I’m a whisk person. I LOVE whisks and have a fairy extensive collection of them. But, her blog isn’t about whisks, it’s about food. Food and life – and the trials and tribulations thereof.

4. Never Not Knitting

I love this blog for a multitude of reasons. I love her patterns, first and foremost. I also wish I could knit 24/7.

5. Complete Running

I have loved distance running since I was in high school. My brother was a sprinter and a good one at that, but I could never imagine my self doing that. Running for miles and miles on end? I’m your girl. This blog does a really great job answering questions and they have great articles about running. It’s a wealth of information.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

Why I Bake.

Someone asked me recently why I love to bake so much.

I send about a cake a week into work with my husband. Sometimes they get extra treats like doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Here’s why I love baking and more specifically why I love baking for servicemembers.

Baking is super therapeutic for me. I can be having a bad day and just by baking a cake, turn that whole day around. It makes me happy. Immensely so.

Food, in general, makes people happy. I love going to dinner with my friends. I love making dinner for my family and friends. There is nothing better than great food and great conversation. Nothing.

When I started by baking journey in 2007, my husband was deployed and it was pretty much life or death. Then I grew to really enjoy it. When he got back from deployment, I started sending baked goods to work with him. You would not believe how much a simple cookie can raise morale.

Then we moved to Hawaii, where they NEEDED cookies. Within 2 months, with the help of some cookies, cupcakes and tons of love, my husbands division was like a different division all together. I’m not saying it was just my cooking, but I do believe it helped.

It makes me happy that my food makes other happy.

Here’s something that was not baked at all.

Scratch that, the meringues were baked.

It is a Lemon Meringue Ice Cream cake and from what I can tell, it was nothing short of amazingly delicious. I ate the ice cream and it was

The recipe was from Tartlette. The reason mine looks so messy is a pan sizing issue. No biggie though, it was still yummy and made people happy…and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

I talk to myself in the first person. {Listable Life}

I went to Maine this weekend. Beautiful, glorious Maine. The state where my family and my closest friends reside. I adore it and I adore the long weekends I spend in it. I literally cross the boarder from New Hampshire into Maine and take a huge breath. I feel so ‘me’ there. I come home completely rejuvenated and at peace. Today, all is well with the world.

This is proof. We all need our family and friends.

Growing up. I really disliked living in Maine. Dislike isn’t even the word that would fit how I felt. Better words would be, resent, hostility…

Lets just say I couldn’t wait to get out of that hole.

Years later, Maine is my escape. I go there to get myself together. I go there for family-therapy and friend-therapy. It totally helps and I can’t say enough great things about it.

Enough about that coolness, onto our Tuesday coolness!

Linking up again with Moments that Define Life for her {Listable Life} Link up, because I love it so much!

5 Social Media Pet Peeves

1. Me. Somedays I sit at my computer and say, “Please Cait, shut up already.” I annoy myself to no end.

2. People that post things they know nothing about, or that they didn’t research and then post it as FACT causing a social media frenzy. For example:

“I just read on The Onion that they are going to stop paying the military!” (posts link to article)

Then comments go as follows: “Sharing!” “HOW DARE THEY?!” “They must be stopped!” “*gasp* I’m sharing this with EVERYONE I know!”

First, The Onion? It’s satire.

Second, there is no second. I never know what to say in these situations other than, research before you post something. Social media makes fictional stories spread like wild fire. Everyone gets riled up over something that isn’t actually happening.

I promise, I will not post unfactual things without noting that it is not in fact…factual, because it’s ridiculous.



4. Text talk.

Look. I deal with acronyms everyday. My brain is full of them, so full that I can not possibly understand what you are trying to say if you post in text language. We’re in the age of smart phones and we’re shortening our language! What’s smart about that?!

If I have to go to a website to translate what you’re saying, I’m not going to respond. I have two little kids. I don’t have enough time to confer with Google in order to respond to something I can’t read.

5. The creepy guy that just friended me.

I know what you are. You’re a hacker. I don’t know anyone from Pajakistan and that’s not even a real country. Good try.

I just don’t get it. What’s the point of creating a Facebook page so that you can put a picture of someone who isn’t you and then friend a bunch of people that YOU don’t even know! I’ve got your number stalker. You make me laugh with your ridiculousness. I also have a “Devastator” flashlight should there be any funny business (which, I’m not overly concerned about since you live in a country that does not exist and I could probably out run you). Thank you for the friend request “Justin Credible”, but I’ll pass.


One last thing. I have baked a zillion cakes lately and sadly, I have not gotten around to posting many of them. Here’s a birthday cake. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream and frosted with a vanilla swiss meringue. Deeeelicious.

The stripes were made by using a special piping bag that has two sides. It’s actually green and blue, but…the blue is a tad pale, so it looks purple. I guess it was really good, I tried the vanilla bean buttercream and thought the vanilla bean gave it a weird texture, my husband said that was not the case and that it was AH-MAY-ZING. I’m glad.


MSF and the DON

I figured out a while back that as military families we all speak the same language.

Or I guess what I should really say is that we’re speaking the same language, but different dialects.

Example 1:

Enter Army Wife:

“blah blah blah NCOER blah blah.”


*blank stare* “WHAAAT?! Do you mean FITREP?”

Example 2:

Army: “He went AWOL.”

Navy: “He was UA.”


When I say my husband use to be on an LSD, that does not mean he used to DO LSD. People get that confused ALL.the.time. Come on folks. Really?

The really cool thing about military life is that we SAY our acroynms, we don’t just spell them out letter by letter.

Naval Station = NAVSTA (Nav-Stah)

Not Observed = NOB (knob)

Chief Engineer = CHENG (Chang)

Auxillary Officer = AUXO (ox-o)

Supply Officer = SUPPO (Supp-o)

Surface Warfare Officer = SWO (we say ‘ssssswhoa’)

Destroyer Squadron = DESRON (dez-ron)

Cruiser-destroyer = CRUDES (crew-dez)

Engineering Officer of the Watch = EOOW (E-OW)

Divisional Tactics = DIVTACs (Div-tacks)

Pacific Command = PACOM (Pay-Com)

Underway Replenishment = UNREP (Un-Rep) (This use to really confuse me, I use to think the UN meant they were taking something off, not the case)

My husband has been in the Navy long enough, that the acronyms have actually changed. AAV use to be Approach and Assist visits which is now MIO (Me-o) – Maritime Intercept Operation. AAV is now Amphibious Assault Vehicles.

At COB the FRG, will meet at NAVSTA Great Lakes NEX  for a PERS brief.

Got it? There will be a test in an hour.

And a hilarious tidbit of worthless information. The most searched keyword on my blog this week “Panetta alla Vodka”, now I’m not sure if it’s the same person, if it’s some type of joke, but I think the term they are looking for is “Penne alla Vodka”. They appear to be searching for SECDEF (seck-deaf/Secretary of Defense) pasta.

Aaaaand…Look what’s back! Head on over to Wife of  Sailor to check out answers from other milspouse bloggers!

 Milspouse First Friday Fill-In

  • What is your favorite winter memory?
Sledding down the hill at my elementary school. I remember I hit a bump in the hill so hard that it knocked the air out of me and I just got up, caught my breath and laughed.
  • What is your current favorite TV show?
Oh, definitely Revenge. I’ve watched from the first episode and been hooked ever since.
  • What was your favorite thing that happened in January?
 My husband told me he’s kicking me out of the country. I’m going to Ireland and he’s staying here with the girls. I love good news and I’m super excited to go.
  • What is the best sound in the world to you?
The sound of the brake in my husband’s Jeep, because it means he’s home.
  • What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a MilSpouse (or significant other)?
Patience. I’m still pretty impatient, but I am much better than I use to be.
I know I haven’t posted a lot of food lately (which is weird, because I’ve been cooking and baking A LOT). I found this recipe on pinterest and had to try it. My kids love bacon, eggs, and toast. What better way to serve it than all in one?!
Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups are delicious and fun.
And, here’s Thatcher. In the snow. The one snow storm we had this year. It melted the very next day. The subject of snow is a sore subject in my house. My kids want it, my husband wants it, I want it and the dog really wants snow. I’m hoping for a big Noreaster.
Happy Friday Everyone!